V/TERPAN – ‘When The Poems Gave Us Life’ EP Released

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V/TERPAN – ‘When The Poems Gave Us Life’

Hailing from London, V/TERPAN is a magnificent indie-rock artist. His latest EP ‘When The Poems Gave Us Life’, is a must-hear release this new year. 

The title track opens the release. It is instantly enticing and draws the listener in. We adore the hard-hitting nature of the song as it evolves before the listener. The melodic synths pave the wave for the charismatic vocals to enter. 

We enjoyed ‘Hit & Run’ from the opening drum beat to melodic chorus; the melodies are textured and fill the sonic spectrum with luscious colour. ‘Sacrifice’ is lyrically thought-provoking, and it is a song which will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. Finally, ‘Drown In You’ closes the EP and leaves the audience wanting more! 

V/TERPAN says about the release, “‘When The Poems Gave Us Life’ is a six-track concept album, with poetic lyrics playing around the themes of religion and love.” He continues, “I preferred to take a darker path lyrically and emotionally throughout the whole production. Setting against the backdrop of the New Testament, I wanted to give voice to various characters from different perspectives with each song.”


V/TERPAN (AKA Vasileios Terpanis) is a Greek-born musician who is making waves with this latest release. It is an EP which sets V/TERPAN apart from the crowd, and we are sure that it is destined to win him an army of new fans.

Make sure you note the name V/TERPAN as we are sure it is not the last time you will hear it. He is a driving artist who is destined for big things in the 2020s, and we very much look forward to hearing what will come next!

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