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Valice – ‘Sugarjulie’

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Valice is an indie-rock band whose latest album, ‘Sugarjulie’ is a beautiful release that needs to be heard.

‘Rose Gold’ opens the release to an addictive groove that instantly demands the listener’s attention. We love the vocal performance which is filled with character and charm. The main melody is memorable and affecting. 

If we had to choose, our favourite track is ‘Julie, Pt. II’. It is filled with gorgeous layered instrumentation and innovating production. It is a song which is continually evolving before the listener and we found it to be thoroughly addictive.

‘Kind of Love’ is ear-catching from the get-go. Its catchy nature is a standout song which will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. Finally, “Superradiant’ closes the release. It is upbeat and ever-evolving, leaving the listener wanting more!


Valice say about the release, “‘Sugarjulie’ is our debut album, but it contains a level of musicianship and technical talent that is uncommon for a first release. Each song is unique in genre and approach, but the album as a whole is a cohesive emotional journey through the many aspects of young love.” They continue, “We know people don’t really listen to full albums anymore, but we implore you to give this one a shot. We guarantee you’ll find something you love.”

In addition, ‘Sugarjulie’ was recorded in Austin, at 5th Street Studios. Furthermore, it was produced in a bedroom amid quarantine! We adore the mix, production and master of the album. They help to create a further atmosphere within the songs and make ‘Sugarjulie’ an album that will stand the test of time. 

We can not recommend Valice highly enough. They are a band with an exciting future, and we look forward to hearing what will come next. 

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