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Victims of the New Math

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Victims of the New Math – ‘Moon Man’

Victims of the New Math are a superb band hailing from Phoenix. Their latest six-track EP ‘Moon Man’, is an alternative-rock release that needs to be heard this Autumn 2020. 

The title track opens the release. It is instantly enticing and draws the audience in. We love the Bowie vibe that fills the sonic spectrum. ‘Star Signs’ has an acoustic opening before the charming and characterful vocals enter. The track evolves with the listener and has a wonderful vibe. 

We enjoyed ‘Cosmic Rays’, the beautiful chordal progression adds extra colour to the piece. ‘Just a Dream’ has a dissonant opening which soon takes the EP in a new and refreshing direction. Finally, ‘The Sun is Perfectly Round’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more. 

The band say about the EP, “‘Moon Man’ features six tracks of (mostly) upbeat, catchy lo-fi power-pop songs inspired in part by my teenage son’s obsession with the cosmos, and in part by life in quarantine. It’s mostly optimistic and full of hope, although occasionally explores the isolation of the shutdown.” 

They continue, “It’s heavily influenced by Big Star, Guided By Voices, and Ziggy-era Bowie.” We can hear these influences coming through on ‘Moon Man’ but make no mistake, Victims of the New Math have made an EP all of their own. 


‘Moon Man’ was recorded in March and April of 2020. Special attention and care has been paid into the recording techniques used, and this comes through on this superb EP. Finally, it mastered was by Todd Tobias (Guided By Voices, Circus Devils) and together the team have produced a cohesive and addictive piece of art. 

We can not recommend Victims of the New Math highly enough. ‘Moon Man’ is a brilliant EP that needs to be heard! 

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