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VINOK – ‘Hold On Me’ Single Release

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VINOK – ‘Hold On Me’

‘Hold On Me’ is the excellent latest single by the Ukraine-based band VINOK. It is a garage-rock classic in the making and one which needs to be heard this February 2021. 

A wave of rock music opens the release and thoroughly engages the listener from the beginning. We love the layered vocals which fill the sonic spectrum with luscious colour. 

The guitar riffs are intoxicating and inject their unique vibe into the track. We adore the ebb and flow of the intelligent arrangement, which keeps the listener on their toes. 

VINOK say about the release, ‘Hold On Me’ is about the battles one faces with addiction and the false promises the poison presents. It is related to addictions that are both physical and psychological. Addictions take over, and one loses the ability to be in control – which is ironic since what one desires more of in life is control.” 

They continue, “The song was presented in an aggressive manner to symbolize a sort of heaviness that can feel at times inescapable.”

PDub Walton/Rudy Martinez

In addition, the mix, master and production of ‘Hold On Me’ are excellent. Every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright. The single has been superbly mixed by PDub Walton (Bjork, U2, Massive Attack, The Cure), and mastered by Rudy Martinez, a voting member of the Grammys as well as an active member of the Audio Engineering Society.

We are sure that ‘Hold On Me’ will please existing VINOK fans while simultaneously winning them an army of new ones too. 

So make sure you check out ‘Hold On Me’ this weekend. VINOK are an inspiring band with a big future ahead of them. We eagerly await hearing what they will do next!

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