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The superb duo, Vox Joy have just released their EP ‘Halloween’. There are 3 songs to be enjoyed, each having its own beauty and character.

Each of the songs has a gorgeously played acoustic guitar, delicious cello, and stunning vocals. ‘Halloween’ is hauntingly beautiful, while ‘Abide’ has a country feel to it. ‘Abide’ is also upbeat and staccato in places, it is wonderfully juxtaposed in tempo from the first track. The final song, ‘Little Vampire’ has a charm to it and leaves the listener wanting more.

Vox Joy says of ‘Halloween’. “It is a simple tune with a lot of heart that encompasses heartbreak, melancholy, and hope for the future.” We could all do with a little more hope. We feel that Vox Joy are writing tunes that will resonate with a lot of people. This is a huge part of their appeal.

Comprised of band members, Terri Boutte and Scott Apple, Vox Joy have a unique and incomparable sound. They are two musicians who are at the beginning of their musical journeys together but are weaving their way into one another’s playing abilities .

When asked about the EP, Vox Joy says, “It was recorded in a shed behind a house which both Terri and Scott live in among other residents in a program in Knoxville Tennessee. Having been recorded in a shed with only one mic, ‘Halloween’ alongside ‘Little Vampire’ and ‘Abide’ have a distinct sound and a charm that’s hard to produce.” We would agree with this and the limited production makes the music feel real and connects with the listener beautifully. The songs feel honest and genuine which are two things that are often missing from music today.

So make sure you check out this exciting EP! We will be watching and waiting to see what will come next from this formidable duo.

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