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Wagner the Band – ‘Awkward Hearts’

Hailing from Vienna, Wagner the Band have released their album ‘Awkward Hearts’. It is a magnificent album that blends together many genres and styles of music. 

‘Beast of Joy’ is the opening song and beautifully sets the scene as to what is to come. Luscious strings, driving drums and a funky bass all create a magnificent backdrop for the vocals to shine. 

Rainer Wagner’s voice is simply divine. His tone is rich, warm and inviting. We adored his impressive range; it is on show during, ‘Dream Girl’. The vocal performances are all full of emotion and soul. Divine. 

We also loved the tracks, ‘A Good Lie’ for its funky vibes, ‘The Crumbs’ is a mellow song and a brilliant change in tempo, and ‘Wild Roots’ for its soulful feel and driving the vocal melody along.

Comprised of band members: Rainer Wagner – Vocals, Guitars, Michael Fink – Guitars, Gregor Huber – Piano, Organ, Keys, Moritz Holy – Bass, and Max Legat – Drums, Wagner the Band have made an album that is pure joy to listen to. The musicianship is excellent. All of the musicians are brilliant in their respective crafts. However, they come together to create a cohesive and immersive sound. The mix and production are also brilliant, there are many-layered of instrumentation, and everything has its own space in the warm mix.

There is also a big gig planned to celebrate the release. On Thursday 28th November, Wagner the Band will be performing at WUK in Vienna, Austria. If you are in the area, we highly recommend attending this gig; it is destined to be a special one! 

Released officially on 5th November ‘Awkward Hearts’ is creating fireworks of its own! It is available now, so make sure you add it to your weekend playlist! 

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