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WD-HAN – ‘Icarus’

‘Icarus’ is the brand new single from Tampa Bay band, WD-HAN. Released officially on 17th January 2020, this epic single is available to stream/download now.  

From a staccato and mysterious opening, an electric guitar alternating between the bass and top notes fills the audio spectrum. The vocal performance is filled with integrity and grit, with the impressive vocal range on show from the get-go. 

The guitars, bass, and drums all have a brooding feeling to them. The chorus is compelling and catchy – WD HAN will have you singing along in no time! We adored the various twists and turns the song takes, always keeping the listener on their toes! 

Comprised of band members, Spencer Barnes – Vocals, Cal Henry – Guitar, and Lea Campbell – Drums, WD-HAN are an excellent trio of musicians. They know how to write captivating music with a hook that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Having shared the stage with acts like Paramore, Walk the Moon, Silversun Pickups and Kaleo as well as touring to Asia three times, WD HAN are on a path to serious success.

WD-HAN says, “‘Icarus’ is the perfect new-decade resolution to challenge the heights and reach for the sun, no matter what.” We agree! With such a song as strong as ‘Icarus’ as a soundtrack, we have all of the empowerment we need!

WD-HAN has plans for tours in various parts of the US in 2020. They will also be releasing a new song every 4-6 weeks. It is going to be an exciting year for WD-HAN, we can now wait to see what they will do next. Make sure you check out ‘Icarus’ today!

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