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West of Corey – ‘Slammed’

West of Corey released their latest album ‘Slammed’, and it is a magnificent piece of art. It is a brilliant fusion of rock, blues, and metal innovating the genres and engaging its listeners. 

‘No Resistance’ opens the album, a wall of electric guitars engulf the listener and captivates their attention. Driving rock vibes soon take over and the song is in full flow. The melodic bass and drums are wonderful, and a skilful guitar solo takes the spotlight. The vocals and harmonies are also magnificent and leave the listener wanting more. 

We also enjoyed ‘Course of Things to Come’ for its acoustic guitar picked opening, unusual chordal progressions and atmospheric percussion. ‘Halfway to Walker’ has a marching drum beginning, setting the scene beautifully. An acoustic guitar and melodic vocals soon follow too. We loved the electric guitar and backing vocals with luscious harmonies as well. ‘Silent Dove’ is an acoustic track, raw and emotion-filled. It demonstrates the strength in the composition to have stripped back instrumentation and to let the track shine in its own light. 

Consisting of band members: James (West) Foster – Bass/Vocals, Corey Birkholz – Lead guitar, and Janine Taft – Lead Vocalist, this trio are a formidable force! Excellent musicians separately, here, they come together to make a unique piece of art. The vocal performances are raw and honest. We found them very accessible to listen to. There is a genuine quality that shines throughout the songs and captures its listener’s hearts. The bass, drums, and guitars are all tight and create a solid foundation for the vocals to spring from. 

We can not wait to see what this superb group of musicians will do next, in the meantime, check out ‘Slammed’ today! 

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