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Westerner – ‘Restless’

Hailing from Los Angeles, Westerner has released their magnificent single ‘Restless’ in winter 2020. It is an indie-pop release with a big heart!

An atmospheric opening greets the listener. The full band sound soon breaks through, and the wonderful vocals take the lead. We adore the stoic rhythm section that lay the solid foundation for the vocals to spring from. The drums are energetic and driving while the melodic bass adds its unique colour to the piece.

The gorgeous vocals are layered and create beautiful harmonies too. We adore the chorus, which is enigmatic and hears a memorable melody. Westerner are masters of their craft; they will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Westerner says, “‘Restless’ is about leaving ‘home’ or whatever comfortable situation you’re in so that you can feed your need for new sights and new experiences. Maybe there’s a goal you haven’t accomplished yet, and you’ve gotta get back on the horse.”

They continue, “We also put this song out at the end of 2020 on purpose because so many people are stuck in their houses on lockdown, and there is simultaneously a need to shirk off our political norms and move into the new year with a new vision for ourselves.” This is what is so brilliant about Westerner, they connect with their audience and allow us to feel less alone together. 

Formidable Band

We are so excited to have discovered this formidable band. They are prolific writers who have released a fresh single each month this year and have promised to do the same going into 2021!

We are sure that the 2020s are going to be a significant decade for Westerner so take note! We thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Restless’ from the link below!

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