Woo & The Clouds – ‘Can I See You’ (feat. Yirou)

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Woo & The Clouds

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Woo & The Clouds – ‘Can I See You’ (feat. Yirou)

Hailing from Los Angeles, Woo & The Clouds have released the excellent single ‘Can I See You’ in September 2020. It is a folk-pop song that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

A gorgeous acoustic guitar opens the release. It has been produced superbly and is rich in tone and warmth. Luscious vocals enter and the single is in full flow. 

A delicate piano enters and the single soars. We adore the dancing vocals which play off of one another. There is a wonderful balance and harmony achieved within the piece.

We adore the backing vocals too, they add further atmosphere to the piece and inject further colour. We are sure that ‘Can I See You’ will win Woo & The Clouds an army of new fans. 

Woo & The Clouds are comprised of band members Yirou (Female Lead Vocal), Woo (Male Lead Vox), Richie Newman (Guitar), and Phillip Woo (Piano). They are clearly all excellent musicians, but when they come together, magic happens.


The band say about the release, “The song is about closure. Saying the unsaid, healing old wounds, forgiveness. It plays a double meaning in these times.” They continue, “This for your past flame, that one where the fire is gone, but the embers never fade, and you touch it to see it still burns, but you enjoy that pain.” 

So make sure you add ‘Can I See You’ to your weekday playlist. Woo & The Clouds are excellent musicians, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do in the future! Until then, listen to ‘Can I See You’ from the link below. 

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