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Writer’s Rain

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Writer’s Rain – ‘Eleanor’

Hailing from Bristol, Writer’s Rain has released the stunning folk-pop single ‘Eleanor’ in October 2020. It is a wonderful track and a must-hear release this Autumn.

An atmospheric acoustic guitar opens the release. There is a gorgeous atmosphere created, and this paves the way for Writer’s Rain’s passionate vocals to breakthrough. We adore her tone that is filled with a superb warmth. 

The track gracefully dances along. It is a delicate song with hard-hitting lyrics. Writer’s Rain knows how to connect with her audience. ‘Eleanor’ is the perfect introduction to this superb artist; she is a brilliant songwriter with a big future. 

Writer’s Rain says about the release, “When I was a teenager a friend of mine casually said the words ‘I hate it when fat girls call themselves curvy, it’s like ew no you’re just fat’. These words stuck with me to a profound and painful extent, especially hearing them at such a formative time.” 

She continues, “Having grown exponentially since then, ‘Eleanor’ came about as a form of self-reliant closure and a simultaneous plea for compassion and awareness when choosing words. It is everything I didn’t know I could have said at the time and everything I have needed to say since.”

National Youth Choirs of Great Britain

Writer’s Rain is a troubadour on the up. She has trained with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and won first place in the ‘Unlock Your Talent’ competition run by multi-award winner Rachel Mason. After hearing ‘Eleanor’, we can see why. 

So make sure you add ‘Eleanor’ to your weekend playlist. Writer’s Rain is leading the way of folk-pop at the moment, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next.

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