XTIE – ‘Flower Town’ Single Released

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XTIE – ‘Flower Town’

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XTIE – ‘Flower Town’

XTIE was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has released her superb single, ‘Flower Town’ in June 2020 and we believe that it is going to make waves this summer. 

Gorgeous synths open the release. They pave the way for XTIE’s soulful vocals to enter. Her tone and range are enticing and capture the listener’s attention. The chorus is driving and memorable too. We love the rhythmic backing instrumentation, creating texture within the piece. Also, the backing melodies compliment the song well, connecting the sections and injecting its own personality into the single.

XTIE says about the release, “Running away from the old world of chaos and you can re-build your own ‘Flower Town’. (I am an ) artist who is born and raised in Hong Kong, a city which craves for democracy, liberty and freedom of human rights. Having a life in this age of absurdity, where we need to sit back and reflect the right way of living.”

XTIE - 'Flower Town'
XTIE – ‘Flower Town’

“‘Flower Town’ is somewhere you may have lost it during your busiest days. ‘Flower Town’ is where the minds were tranquil.” She continues, “We need a great escape to our own ‘Flower Town’ from the chaos. I wrote this when I backpacked to the Netherlands during spring, where the tulips bloom escaping from the jungle of concrete.”

Unique and characterful, XTIE is an exciting artist. Interestingly, XTIE writes and produces her music while travelling as a backpacker. ‘Flower Town’ was selected as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC2019) out of 18K. Make sure you add ‘Flower Town’ to your weekday playlist. We look forward to hearing what this exciting artist will do next. 

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