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Xufa – ‘The Wild’

Berlin-based artist Xufa, has released the stunning indie-pop single ‘The Wild’ in January. It is a superb release that you do not want to miss this winter 2021!

A textured opening greets the listener and paves the way for Xufa’s rich and soulful vocals to shine. We adore the gentle evolution of ‘The Wild’. The arrangement draws the listener in and holds their attention effortlessly. 

The chorus erupts to reveal a catchy melodic indie-pop song. ‘The Wild’ stays with the listener long after the music has ended. In addition, the middle-eight takes the single in a fresh direction before coming back to the familiar and welcome chorus. 

‘The Wild’ is a song which will have the audience reaching for the repeat button. Xufa is a formidable artist who is just getting started!

Xufa says about ‘The Wild’, “It was written and produced at home, during these trying and intense indoor times. The song is written as an upbeat antidote to the general sombre mood.” She continues, “It’s a chant of self-affirmation that serves as a reminder that it’s always possible to re-establish the connection to the intuitive undercurrent of life.”

We adore the mix, master and production of ‘The Wild’, Xufa is also a talented producer. In addition, the artwork has been provided by Israeli artist, Ido Gordon, and the team have assembled a release that is the whole package!


‘The Wild’ is only the second release by Xufa. After hearing this single, we can not wait to check out her debut too! We know that Xufa has a big future ahead of her in music and very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

Until then, ‘The Wild’ is available from the link below, add it to your Spotify playlist this weekend!

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