Xylaroo – ‘Like Planes Taking Off in the Wind’

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Xylaroo – ‘Like Planes Taking Off in the Wind’

Xylaroo (AKA sisters Coco and Holly) are back with their beautiful latest release, ‘Like Planes Taking Off in the Wind’. It is a hauntingly magical song, filled with memorable melodies and undeniable charm. 

Gorgeous harmonies open the release. A solo guitar accompanies on the first beat of the bar and lets the vocals shine. The bass and drums drop, and the single is in full flow. We adored the chorus with its singalong nature. Stunning. 

The lyrics to ‘Like Planes Taking Off in the Wind’ are simply sublime. Intelligent and poetical, the song was written when sisters Coco and Holly heard about a friend struggling with losing someone they loved to cancer. Their friend had no family, so they spent his last few weeks together. 

Xylaroo says of the release, “‘Like Planes taking off in the wind’ is a return to something a bit more Xylaroo-esque. It’s a song tinged with melancholic colour, yet the chorus gives some sense of hope. The song is ultimately about dealing with loss and remembering.” They continue, “The song speaks of simple moments that are like ‘diamonds (hiding) in the rough.’ It brings to mind falling in love or spending your last moments here on earth with a friend.”

We are so pleased to have discovered ‘Like Planes Taking Off in the Wind’. Xylaroo’s ability to convey emotion and heart to the listener is magical. They hail from Maidstone, Kent but have also lived in Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Phillippines, Sri Lanka and now reside in East London. 

Make sure you check out ‘Like Planes Taking Off in the Wind’ this weekend, you will not be disappointed. 

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