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Yana – ‘Distant Shore’

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Yana is a singer/songwriter who packs a big punch. Her latest EP ‘Distant Shore’ is a must-hear release this autumn. 

The title track ‘Distant Shore’ opens the release. A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the song. Yana’s smooth and intoxicating vocals enter, and the piece is in full flow. It is a wonderfully atmospheric song that is soothing and filled with wonderful melodies. 

‘Will You Be There’ has a staccato opening. We adore the piano too. Layered vocals filled the piece, and Yana takes the audience on a journey. ‘Trapped In A Cage’ features a gorgeous cello and this adds further texture to the song. It is a melodic track that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. ‘The Book of Your Life’ closes the EP. It is a rockier song and leaves the listener wanting more.

Yana cites her influences as coming from artists such as Mic Christopher, Glen Hansard and Nick Cave. We can hear these musicians coming through in the music, but make no mistake; Yana is a singer-songwriter who is making music all of her own. 


It is heartwarming to see that ‘Distant Shore’ was released on what would have been Fergus O’Farrell’s birthday. He was the frontman of Interference, Yana’s most significant songwriting influence. 

Yana is an artist who makes her audience stop and think. ‘Distant Shore’ is a wonderful release that connects with its audience and is filled with compelling lyrics. She conveys emotion to the listener and is deeply relatable too. 

So make sure to add ‘Distant Shore’ to your weekend playlist. Yana is an artist who is just getting started, and we very much look forward to hearing what will come next. ‘Distant Shore’ is available from the link below. 

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