YESICAN – ‘Cotton Candy Grapes (Wasn’t Enough)’ Single

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YESICAN – ‘Cotton Candy Grapes (Wasn’t Enough)’

Hailing from Los Angeles, YESICAN is an indie-pop band whose debut single ‘Cotton Candy Grapes (Wasn’t Enough)’, is a song that needs to be heard! 

Big synths open the release. They are instantly enticing, and as the beat drops, the single is in full flow. We adore the vocals which are filled with luscious tone and colour.

The piano offers a new texture to the piece. It is dynamic and adds extra sparkle to the song. We found the chorus to be melodic and engaging. Its catchy nature stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

In addition, we adore the mix, master and production of the release. Every part of the intoxicating layered instruments have their own place in the mix, and a harmonious balance has been achieved. 

The band say about the track, “We are most proud of this piece. We find it to be a good balance between mainstream accessibility and more niche psychedelia.” We couldn’t agree more! 

Band Members

YESICAN is comprised of band members Ben Masters, Jeff Liffmann, and Max Benson. They are all excellent musicians, but when they come together, magic happens!

The band say that they chose the name YESICAN for its positive affirmation that defines the mentality and attitude they aspire to heed in life, especially during these times of uncertainty. A message we all need to hear at the moment! 

The single has been written and produced remotely in 2020. YESICAN is an innovating and progressive band who are making relevant and compelling music. 

We have heard that YESICAN plans to release a full-length album in October of 2020. We can not wait! Make sure you follow the band’s socials to get the latest updates. 

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