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Young In a Million have just released their latest single, ‘Sometimes’. It is a big song with a hard-hitting chorus which will have you reaching for the repeat button!

The opening of the track feels like an awakening. The dawn of a new day that is there for the taking. A stoic kickdrum creates the foundation for the rest of the song to grow from. Bass, guitars, and drums all fill the sonic landscape and provide a positive and uplifting feel.

The vocals are our favourite element of the song. Rich in tone and emotion, they guide the listener along and create a powerful attention-demanding quality. There is a country twang to the male vocalists’ singing voice that adds charm and character to the piece. We found the lyrics to be uplifting and heartfelt. Magical. The backing vocals are laced in reverb which gives the song a feeling of space and openness. The instruments know when to weave their way in and out of the single. The verses are sparse and leave space, whilst the choruses are busy and driving.

Young in a Million says, “‘Sometimes’ is the summation of an entire life experience compressed into one song. Singing candidly about the high’s and lows of the human experience, ‘Sometimes’ takes you on a journey of pain and excitement.”

Young in a Million are comprised of two brothers, Kody and Alex Christopher. Their innovative and intoxicating style will make you a fan for life in no time. ‘Sometimes’ is the third single to be taken from the full-length album, ‘Dreams don’t live in pillows’. After enjoying ‘Sometimes’ so much, we can not wait to check out the whole album!
What will come next from two such exciting talents? Join the wave and find out!

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