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Ysabel Bain

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Ysabel Bain – ‘At The End’

London-based musician Ysabel Bain has released her superb single ‘At The End’. It is an indie-pop release with a big heart. 

Gorgeous keys open the single. Ysabel Bain’s soulful and atmospheric vocals enter and masterfully guides the song along. As the band enter the single is in full flow. There is warmth in the vibe of the track that is thoroughly intoxicating. 

We adore the main melody, which is captivating and entices the audience in. The instrumentation is layered and varied, adding its unique texture to the piece. In addition, the guitar break takes the single in a fresh direction keeping the listener on their toes. 

We have added ‘At The End’ to our FV Music Blog Playlist, check it out! 

Bain is an artist who is able to connect with her audience effortlessly, and this is evident on ‘At The End’. She takes everyday stories and transforms them into captivating art that intoxicates the listener. She is a talented artist who is just getting started. 


Bain says about the release, “It’s all about honesty and relatability. I’m your new best friend disguised as notes and lyrics. You’re gonna listen and think ‘that’s exactly how I feel’”. 

She continues, “This track is the final song from (a live set) and the single from our upcoming EP ‘We Are’. We knew that we wanted to go for a feel-good vibe as we don’t really have a lot of upbeat tracks in our repertoire, so we were really embracing the pop side of the track while still keeping it edgy and ‘us’.

We are so excited to have discovered Ysabel Bain. She is an artist who is making waves in 2020, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

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  1. Listened to this today. What a great track. Especially those backing vocals and the ending. I’ve had it on repeat. Thanks for the recommendation. This is going onto my playlist.

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