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Zadar – ‘The Upstairs Room’

Musician Zadar has released his second and title track single from his upcoming album ‘The Upstairs Room’. It is an alternative-country release that we thoroughly recommend checking out. 

An electric guitar and driving drums open the release. The song evolves before the listener and is instantly compelling. Zadar’s vocals enter, and the lyrics are genuine and hard-hitting from the get-go. This is a big part of Zadar’s charm; he connects to his audience and makes us feel less alone.

The backing instrumentation is unrelenting, and the intensity and pace stay throughout the track. We found the main melody to be memorable and stayed with us after the song had ended. The mix of the single is well balanced, and perfect harmony has been achieved.

Zadar says about the release, “I chose this as my second single because I felt it was one of the tracks that best represented the overall themes and ideas behind the album. The title has a dual meaning to it.” He continues, “It represents the room where I recorded most of these songs, and it also represents the ‘room’ in your mind. Your thoughts, feelings, desires, regrets, people from the past, and how sometimes you can feel trapped in your own mind.”


Zadar recorded the vocals to the single in his bathroom. This is a nice touch and allows the perfect amount of reverb to shine through. SuperiorAudio mixed the track, and again the team have created a cohesive piece of art. 

We are big fans of Zadar and after hearing ‘The Upstairs Room,’ you’ll be able to see why. We very much look forward to hearing the full album release. 

Until then, ‘The Upstairs Room’ is available from the link below. Enjoy!

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