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‘Slot Machine’ is the charismatic and powerful latest song by the brilliant American based artist, Zaritza.

The single opens to the sound of synths being underpinned by an intriguing crackle. Emotional vocals spring from this foundation and further synths in juxtaposing octaves can also be heard. Zaritza’s voice is the star of the piece. The bass and percussion provide a solid foundation and Zaritza’s stunning vocal performance dictates the overruling, dominating feel to the single.

There is also a powerful and expressive video that accompanies the release. It is a song that is driven by pure emotion and this feeling is further enhanced by the video. The back and forth in the power shift makes the anticipation of what will come next thoroughly exhilarating.

Both the music and the video explore the themes of female sexual confidence, desire, and expression. Zaritza says, “I believe it’s important for women to be comfortable in their own skin, to come out of their shell and feel empowered to express their sexuality, without being judged.” The colour tones, wardrobe, and movements during the video all add to the empowerment we experienced. It is a brilliant and thought-provoking song, and the video enhances its power.

Hailing originally from a small village in Russia, Zaritza was born at the end of the Soviet era. Listening to music was always an escape for Zaritza, along with dance and training as a classical pianist. She says, “(My) music echoes my own personal journey from my Russian roots to life as an American.” Her accent is present in the beautiful vocals and the subject matter is liberating. We are sure it will resonate with a lot of people.

So make sure you check out this exciting artist today, ‘Slot Machine’ is a song that is not to be missed!

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