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Afonso – ‘Golden Hour’

‘Golden Hour’ is the debut single to be released by Portuguese born artist, Afonso. It is a smooth and fluid track, with multiple twists and turns, holding the listener’s attention throughout the song.

A blissful electric guitar and keys open the single, playing gorgeous and interesting jazz chords. The pace is slow and steady, building as the song progresses. We found the vocals to be dark and brooding in the beginning, and they evolve with the single. 

We adored the vocals which are layered and luscious. The gorgeous harmonies set the song alight, and there is a warmth that they bring to proceedings. Once the beat drops, ‘Golden Hour’ is in full flow and when the single had finished, we found ourselves reaching for the repeat button. 

Afonso’s press release says about the single,”‘(Golden Hour’) explores the conflict between the various sides of the singer’s personality. Afonso finds himself contrasting his younger and older self and how he wishes to go back to his simpler, young life. To the singer, the golden hour represents the time in a day, where all sides in his personality combine into one harmonised and centred being.” This is a relatable feeling, shared by many, and we are sure the lyrics will resonate with its listeners. 

After arriving in London in 2016, Afonso started the journey which leads him to the release of this single. He has worked tirelessly on his craft, writing and performing at venues across the London music scene. 

So make sure you check out this magnificent release today! With a single as strong as ‘Golden Hour’, we can not wait to see what this talented musician will do next!

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