D’Addio – ‘A Separation’

D'Addio (AKA Giulia Scarantino) is back with her latest single, 'A Separation'. It is a wonderful introduction to Scarantino's music and is destined to be a hit, gaining many new fans along the way! From a hard-hitting opening, the track jumps directly into its compelling groove. Vocals, bass, drums, and guitars all fill the sonic … Continue reading D’Addio – ‘A Separation’

Foreign Television – ‘Foreign Television’

'Foreign Television' is the self-titled album by Welsh-born artist, Foreign Television (AKA Francis Allen). Currently based in Moscow, Allen's infectious melodies and beats are quite simply delicious.  'Is This A Joke?' opens the album to the sound of melodic, duelling guitars. Fascinating and intricate, they set the tone of the record from the get-go. A … Continue reading Foreign Television – ‘Foreign Television’