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Michael Baker – ‘Salt’

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Musician Michael Baker released his stunning latest album, ‘Salt’ on 6th March 2020. The Anglo-French troubadour has produced a magnificent collection of songs with this release, and it is an album destined to please existing Baker fans while winning him an army of new ones too.

‘Shed My Skin’ opens the excellent release. The acoustic nature of the album shines from the get-go. We adored the title track ‘Salt’, the layered vocals, gentle guitar playing and affecting slide guitar all work harmoniously together paving the way for a full band to shine. ‘Claire’ is a stunning song showcasing Baker’s emotional filled vocals and we adored ‘Big Moon’ for its laid back vibe with addictive melodies and groove. 

Baker says, “My first album was your classic, for want of a better word, heartbreak record,” says Baker. “Coming past that period of my life, I made this album the one where I was able to talk about mental health. I was turning 30 in the music industry, that was hard.” He continues, “You question a lot of things at that age until you start realising that it’s not all that serious. Ultimately, it was the happiest two years of my life while making this record. I have a wonderful girlfriend, wonderful friends, but still the same mental health problems that I’d been able to blame on other things before. It shocked me that I was still having these ups and downs.” Relatable for many people, Baker is a musician who is using his significant platform to highlight issues and help people.

Unfortunately due to Covid19, Baker’s album launch at the Finsbury, London, has had to be postponed. We look forward to the new date being announced! Until then make sure you check out ‘Salt’ from the link below.

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