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Rachel Gleddie – ‘Catacomb’

*Read Disclosure Here Americana artist Rachel Gleddie has released her superb single ‘Catacomb’ in May 2020. It is indie-folk at its finest, and Gleddie is making waves following its release. A beautifully picked acoustic guitar opens the single. Gleddie’s soulful vocals swiftly join it. They are filled with warmth and luscious tone. A kick drum […]

Lydia Briggs – ‘Not My Mistake’

*Read Disclosure Here It is always exciting to hear one of our favourite artists has released a new track. Lydia Briggs is one of those artists. ‘Not My Mistake’ is an Indie-Rock song with a fierce heart. An emotive vocal performance opens the release, accompanied by a stoic piano. Subtle percussion enters, and the listener […]


*Read Disclosure Here London based artist AMEY ST. CYR has released her stunning latest EP ‘WILD WORLD’, in April 2020. It is a stunning collection of 4 songs in the electronic pop genre.  The title track ‘Wild World’ opens the release with a mysterious beginning. It quickly evolves into an upbeat intoxicating vibe with an electronic […]

Laura Wyatt – ‘I Believed’

*Read Disclosure Here Colchester based artist Laura Wyatt has released her magnificent latest single ‘I Believed’. It is the first single to be taken from her album ‘Last Train Home’ and what a belter it is!  An upbeat band sound greets the listener. Wyatt’s infectious vocals enter, and the piece is in full flow. The […]

Parker Sounds – ‘Prison Cell’

*Read Disclosure Here Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, Parker Sounds are an indie-rock band whose latest release ‘Prison Cell’ is a compelling and addictive track.  An acoustic guitar opens the release. There is a wonderful tone in the slap of the performance. Sparse instrumentation enters too, and the characterful vocals follow this. They are filled […]

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One Cure for Man – ‘The Haunted’

*Read Disclosure Here One Cure for Man (AKA James Parkinson) has released his superb latest single ‘The Haunted’. This indie-rock song was officially released today 28th May 2020. A solo piano opens release before the beat kicks in. James’s vocals are warm and enticing with compelling melodies too. The vocals soar in the piece offering […]

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Interview – Pavit Sanghera 28/05/20

*Read Disclosure Here We were fortunate enough to catch up with the superb Birmingham-based artist Pavit Sanghera, for an interview. She has released her infectious alternative-pop single ‘You Ran Away’, in May 2020. Check out our interview below! Tell us about yourself? I am a 21-Year-old R&B/Indian Fusion Singer-Songwriter based in Birmingham. I am trained […]

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Interview – Amey St. Cyr 28/05/20

*Read Disclosure Here We were fortunate enough to catch up with the superb London-based artist Amey St Cyr for an interview. She has released her infectious electronic-pop EP ‘Wild World’, in 2020. Check out our interview below! Hi Amey, tell us about yourself? I am a singer/songwriter/actress/model – Amey St. Cyr. Music is in my […]

Scatterchild – ‘Parallel Lines’ EP

*Read Disclosure Here Manchester-based band Scatterchild, have released their superb latest EP ‘Parallel Lines’ in May 2020. It is an addictive three-track EP that is destined to win the hearts of its listeners. ‘Icarus’ opens the release with a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance. An atmospheric piano and bass accompany the vocals alongside layered backing vocals […]

Qwiet Type – ‘We Gotta Move’

*Read Disclosure Here Hailing from Pensacola Florida, the Indie-Rock artist Qwiet Type has released his superb latest single ‘We Gotta Move’ in March 2020. It is a fusion of genres, and an ear-catching single that will have you reaching for the repeat button.  A palm-muted guitar opens the release and the infectious groove kicks in. […]