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FV Music Blog – Laura Wyatt – ‘I Believed’

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Colchester based artist Laura Wyatt has released her magnificent latest single ‘I Believed’. It is the first single to be taken from her album ‘Last Train Home’ and what a belter it is! 

An upbeat band sound greets the listener. Wyatt’s infectious vocals enter, and the piece is in full flow. The chorus is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. We loved the full band sound, and the well-arranged horns add extra texture to the piece too.

Wyatt says, “I released my first album about fifteen years ago. It was an angsty teenage acoustic album that sits mostly in boxes at the back of my Mum’s barn. I put my original music on hold for over ten years to sing at weddings, teach music to primary school children and write music for adverts. I think I needed to.” She continues, “I did the whole ‘honing my craft’ thing. But I’d always said to myself ‘It’s ok, KT Tunstall was 32 before she made it big, I’ve still got time…’ But somehow, the time has done that thing it does, and I’m turning 32 in October. So, I figured it’s a good year to get out there and actually make this happen!”

FV Music Blog – Laura Wyatt – ‘I Believed’

‘I Believed’ was recorded and produced by Rubber Jaw frontman Michael Hemmings, Cameron Morrell on drums, Robin G. Breeze on bass, Jonny Poole on sax and Will Heaton on Trombone. Together, the collective has done an excellent job in creating a wonderful piece of art that is destined to stand the test of time. 

Make sure you make a note of Laura Wyatt’s name because we are sure you are going to hear a lot more of it! Check out ‘I Believed’ today! 

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One response to “Laura Wyatt – ‘I Believed’”

  1. This review is spot on (IMHO). I find Laura’s vocals completely captivating and could listen to her sing all day.
    I may not know all the lyrics (yet) but have been humming this since I first heard it a few weeks back.
    Laura also does a fantastic acoustic version of this.
    This mix gets your feet tapping from the very start.
    This lady is going places

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