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FV Music Blog – Lydia Briggs – ‘Not My Mistake’

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It is always exciting to hear one of our favourite artists has released a new track. Lydia Briggs is one of those artists. ‘Not My Mistake’ is an Indie-Rock song with a fierce heart.

An emotive vocal performance opens the release, accompanied by a stoic piano. Subtle percussion enters, and the listener is thoroughly engaged. The track evolves with the listener, and Briggs’s vocals create unique texture within the piece too. We adored the chorus; it is driving and powerful, much like Briggs herself. 

When asked, Briggs says about the release, “I scratched out lyrics to ‘Not My Mistake’ after a gig, in a bar bathroom, in 15 minutes after an emotional breakup. The result; this stripped-down, alt-pop/soul song. It’s what I should’ve said in the heat of the moment.” 

FV Music Blog – Lydia Briggs – ‘Not My Mistake’

Briggs has been working with producer Jim Wirt for the last two years. Wirt was a member of the production team on Fiona Apple’s incredible album ‘Criminal’. Together, they are honing Briggs’s trademark sound and capturing her passionate performances. 

Briggs has been on our radar for a while. She is a member of the select AWAL Core (Kobalt Music Group) family. With five singles already under her belt, Briggs continues to build her audience and break personal milestones, with over 23K Spotify streams and 273K views on YouTube.

We have been proud to be a champion of Lydia Briggs for a long time. Again, she has produced a top-class single filled with heart and soul. Make sure you add ‘Not My Mistake’ to your playlist this week. She is an exciting artist who is making waves!

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