Honey Cane – ‘Brother Sister’

Honey Cane - 'Brother Sister' 'Brother Sister' is the mesmerising debut album from LA band, Honey Cane. During the impressive 11 tracks, the group takes the listener on a journey filled with genuine heart and soul. 'California' opens the album. Creeping drums enter the sonic landscape building as they go. A bass, acoustic and electric … Continue reading Honey Cane – ‘Brother Sister’

Caleb Blair – ‘Hate It When You Leave’

Caleb Blair - 'Hate It When You Leave' Nashville based artist Caleb Blair has released his latest single 'Hate It When You Leave'. It is electro-pop at its finest, and we are so pleased to have discovered such a fantastic artist. 'Hate It When You Leave' has a mysterious opening that captivates the listener from … Continue reading Caleb Blair – ‘Hate It When You Leave’

Jordan Mackampa – ‘Parachutes’

Jordan Mackampa - 'Parachutes' We have been blown away by the latest release from Jordan Mackampa. 'Parachutes' is a beautiful song that is catchy and mesmerising to its core. Mackampa is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button with this superb single! Mackampa's vocals are the shining star of the piece. We instantly … Continue reading Jordan Mackampa – ‘Parachutes’

Lavi$h – ‘SUNSET BLVD’

Lavi$h - 'SUNSET BLVD' African-Canadian artist Lavi$h released his latest single, 'SUNSET BLVD' on 28th October 2019. It is the brilliant debut single to be taken from Lavi$h's EP. Hard-hitting vocals guide the song along magically. Lavi$h's vocals have a warm and inviting tone that is instantly charming to the listener. Lavi$h is a talented … Continue reading Lavi$h – ‘SUNSET BLVD’