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KXVG – ‘Gemini Spirit’

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KXVG is an artist and producer hailing from LA. His debut EP ‘Gemini Spirit’ is moving, relatable and accessible. KXVG is an incredibly talented artist who is destined to win an army of new fans with this release.

‘This One’s For U’ is filled with heartfelt and emotional vocals underpinned by addictive beats. It is a magnificent opening which sets the tone as to what is to come. We loved ‘Slow Mo’ it has a laid back vibe which has the listener reaching for the repeat button. ‘Mistakes Were Made’ is another standout track; the energetic beat creates a solid foundation for KXVG’s compelling vocals to shine.

KXVG says, “My latest EP, ‘Gemini Spirit’ was recorded in my college dorm room before the Quarantine. I finished up the rest of the recordings in my bedroom at home. I utilized a lot of production from other producers online rather than solely focusing on making the beats myself.” He continues, “I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot about myself only living through others, but now its time for me to live for myself and see the world and what I’m capable of. Before I do that, one last reflection on my past mistakes before moving on is only right; this is Gemini Spirit.”

KXVG cites his influences as, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert and Earl Sweatshirt. You can hear these musicians coming through during ‘Gemini Spirit’ but make no mistake, KXVG is making music all of his own.

In addition to his own work, KXVG also produces music for fellow artist, Skiez 7, who has featured a prominent role on Netflix’s ‘The Get Down’ as Ra-Ra and starred in films such as ‘The Inevitable Defeat of Mister’ and ‘Pete’. 

So make sure you check out this exciting artist today. We can not wait to see what KXVG will do next!

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