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Barefoot Magicians – ‘Hangin’ On’

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Dublin based band, Barefoot Magicians, released their divine latest EP ‘Hangin’ On’ in April 2020. It is a magical release with infectious grooves and excellent instrumentation.

The three-track release opens with the title song ‘Hangin’ On’. An enticing rock groove captures the listener’s attention from the get-go, and an addictive beat soon establishes itself. Driving bass, drums and guitars create a solid foundation for the characterful and charming vocals to spring from. 

‘We Can’t Give It Up’ has a beautiful synth opening before Barefoot Magicians trademark sound kicks in. We loved the returning synth riffs and stunning harmonica. ‘Get What You Want’ closes the EP. It has an upbeat nature and compelling drive we have come to love from the band. A catchy chorus, dynamic keys and layered vocals all have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Barefoot Magicians are comprised of band members, Dave Greene – harmonica/vocals, Graham Stewart – Guitars, Brian Steemers – drums/percussion, Paraic Carroll – Bass, and Petra žižak – Keys/Mandolin. It is clear that they are all excellent musicians separately, but when they play together, magic happens. Barefoot Magicians say, “The band dedicates itself to writing and performing original material based around a blues groove, or as producer Alwyn Walker formerly of Westland Studios called it, ‘A Post Blues Groove.’”

Barefoot Magicians were formed in early 2017 after a recording session in Dublin’s prestigious Windmill Lane Studios. In 2018, they released the EP ‘The Awakening’, and ‘Hangin’ On’ is the follow-up EP. Kieran Lane has produced the release and together the team have done an excellent job. 

We are so excited to have discovered Barefoot Magicians, they are an exciting band with a bright future, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next. 

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