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Sabah Kenway – ‘Over’

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Sabah Kenway is a 21-year-old soul/RnB singer/songwriter from London, UK. Her latest single ‘Over’ is a superb single that needs to be heard!

Atmospheric keys open the single. They pave the way for a melodic saxophone, and the scene is set for Kenway’s soulful vocals to enter. She has a beautiful tone, that is rich in emotion and heart. Once the laid back drums kick in, the single is in full flow. We loved the layered vocals that add depth to the piece. The lyrics and vocal performance are filled with an addictive melancholy. We believe that the lyrics will resonate with a lot of people and Kenway is destined to win herself an army of new fans with this latest release.

Kenway says, “Growing up with both my parents being musicians, I was always surrounded by music, watching their performances, going to rehearsals and hearing about their stories from being on the road. I remember always being in awe and imagined myself doing the same, travelling the world and performing my music to the masses.” She continues, “It wasn’t until I started secondary school when I discovered artists such as Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse and finally found music that I related to and felt really spoke to me. From then on, I began experimenting with my own songwriting, singing style and overall persona until I was able to figure out what my own personal style and sound was.” 

So make sure you add ‘Over’ to your weekend playlist this weekend. Sabah Kenway is an exciting artist, and we can not wait to hear what she will do next!

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