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Mari Dangerfield – ‘Arrow’

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Hailing from London, musician Mari Dangerfield has released her spellbinding latest single ‘Arrow’ today, 1st May 2020.

A striking opening greets the listener. We love Mari’s unique vocals, her strong English voice graces the track. Her tone and range are both blissful and very accessible. The beat is stoic and layered with textures. We loved the melodies which greet the piece; they are attractive and memorable. We found the layers of instrumentation to be colourful and intriguing too. The chorus is addictive, and we are sure that Mari Dangerfield will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Dangerfield says, “‘Arrow’ is about finding a way to face up to a secret crush without the possibility of a painful rejection, told in a light-hearted, semi-narrative form.” A topic which we have all faced at one time or another. This relatability is what makes Mari Dangerfield such a special artist; she is able to connect to her fans, convey emotions and office solace at a difficult time.

‘Arrow’ was co-produced with Luar (Alberto Hernandez) and Ninski’s own Grgur Raic of Tileyard Studios. It includes insane vocal motifs, the Casio VL Tone, a Cajon and even samples of an arrow being fired in line with Mari’s unusual sound palette and approach. Mari says that she is particularly inspired by musical theatre’s chord progressions and strong instrumental and vocal hooks. Lyrically, she covers personal struggles, particularly mental ones, and being a human being in the age of technology. Her initial instrument of choice was the Stylophone, employed to full effect on her debut single, ‘Virtually.’

So make sure you check out ‘Arrow’ today, it is a unique piece of art that will leave you wanting more!

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