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Ålesund – ‘All Hail To Your Queen’

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Bristol-based band Ålesund return with their superb second EP, ‘All Hail To Your Queen’. We are sure that this electronic pop EP is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button.

The title track ‘All Hail To Your Queen’ has an atmospheric opening swiftly followed by a luscious, syncopated beat underpinning warm and soulful vocals. We loved the layered vocals which create texture within the piece. ‘Splinters’ has a laid back beginning. The track evolves before the listener, and the chorus is filled with energy and passion. We adored ‘Great Expectations’ for the ebb and flow in rhythm, always keeping the listener on their toes. ‘Home’ is instantly recognisable as a Ålesund song. Their unique sound is compelling and mesmerising. 

Ålesund says, “‘All Hail To Your Queen’ was written from two contrasting musical ideas that managed to merge together. A dreamy and gentle introduction shifts into a punchy, sassy and strong track that develops on the sound of the first EP through pacier tempos and powerful vocal hooks.” They continue, “Lyrically the song centres on the celebration of women. The focus and repetition of the word ‘She’ emphasise their strength, determination and power, also encouraging the listener to join in the praise.”

Comprising of band members, Alba Torriset – Vocals/Keys, Lloyd Star – Guitar/Synth, Carlos Coronado Nieto – Drums, and Paul Hopkins – Bass, Ålesund are a compelling band. Unfortunately, Ålesund had their European tour cut short because of Covid-19. We do hope this is rearranged when the time is right, and it is safe to do so.

‘All Hail To Your Queen’ is an excellent EP which needs to be heard. Make sure you add it to your playlist this weekend! 

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