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62b5221610d5f95ec7824f1c67d03a3f-andrei+lucas-01Andrei Lucas is an independent artist who has released his empowering single, ‘Mad’. This is music with a message, it is raising awareness for mental health stigmas, especially with men.

‘Mad’ opens to a foundation electric guitar riff from which the track grows from. Lucas’s lyrics flow effortlessly from his tongue and create a laid back, free-flowing vibe. The bass is rich, drums subtle (but integral) and, the guitar solos are melodic adding addictive grooves and hooks.

The vocals are the shining star of the track, they are layered and create texture in the piece. There are telephone style vocals in places which lifts the song and takes it off into a new direction. Most importantly, the lyrics carry a message that needs to be heard and spoken about openly.

Lucas describes ‘Mad’ as a single that is, “A step in highlighting the vulnerabilities in youth today and reinforcing self-love.” As many young people face in the modern world, he has had to deal with life pressures and challenges from Social Media, Online Dating and, the age-old stresses of growing into adulthood. During the course of ‘Mad’, Lucas speaks openly about these challenges and helps us all to feel less alone together.

Lucas also says, “Men’s mental health issues are still a taboo topic in our society. Increasing suicide rates in men and closeted depression needs to be a conversation now.” Lucas is an artist who is using his platform for good. We could not agree with him more, these topics need to be addressed in order to be helped. He has put his message to an infectious song that will resonate with a lot of people.

Released on 17th July 2019, ‘Mad’ is filled with inspiring lyrics set to catchy melodies. Make sure you check out this exciting release today!

If you or anyone you know needs help, please reach out to the Samaritans. They’re waiting to help:

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