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FVMusic Blog – Annabelle’s Curse – ‘New Glow’

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Hailing from Abingdon, VA, Annabelle’s Curse is an indie-folk band who are making waves with their latest single, ‘New Glow’.

An atmospheric opening greets the listener. Soulful and moving vocals enter and a delicate harmony soon joins them. An elegant balance is blissfully met, and the listener is thoroughly entranced. As the song progresses more instrumentation kicks in and the song evolves into full flow.

We enjoyed the layered vocals which add their own colour and texture to the piece. Male and female vocals are juxtaposed to one another, creating interest and intrigue within the single. The earnest lyrics will resonate with many people. ‘New Glow’ is a love song at its heart.

The band say, “When things first started, the goal was to write good music with a positive message. It was all about the craft of songwriting, and never really about anything more. It just kind of grew from that. We’re still doing the same thing on a slightly bigger scale. We’re still focused on making better music as we go along.”

FVMusic Blog – Annabelle’s Curse – ‘New Glow’

Annabelle’s Curse are a band who are filled with drive and passion. They are all excellent musicians in their separate crafts, but when they come together, magic happens. They know when to pull back and when to go full throttle.

We are so excited to have found this exciting band. ‘New Glow’ is a part of the stunning album release ‘Vast Oceans’ which we review here. We thoroughly recommend checking out both of these magnificent releases this weekend. Annabelle’s Curse is an excellent band filled with top-class musicians. We very much look forward to following their journey.

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