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Unknown‘Between the Lines’ is the phenomenal latest release by the Dublin based band, Arcadian Shadows.

The opening song, ‘Valediction’ is quite simply addictive. It features a melodic bass opening with distorted and driving guitars. The chorus is catchy with backing vocals adding layers of texture to the piece. (We have added it to our FVMusicBlog playlist too, for your listening pleasure!)

‘Me Against the World’ is a song which we feel will resonate with a lot of people. Driving drums, bass, and guitars create a solid foundation for honest and relateable lyrics to sit upon. The title is repeated over and over again and it feels like an anthem for the people.

Our favourite track is, ‘Rat in a Maze’. The use of an acoustic guitar on the verses and choruses is juxtaposed to the building and distorted guitars after the chorus. The vocals are full of charm and character with a melodic bass weaving its own path throughout. Blissful.

The final song, ‘Et Arcadia Ego’ is the perfect song to leave the listener wanting more. The catchy riffs, effected vocals and guitars all make for a magical ending. It is a song we could hear being played at big festivals to get the crowd going.

Comprised of musicians: Liam McGovern, Paul, Chris Salter, Lee English & Cribbo, Arcadian Shadows are all excellent musicians in their own right. They play their respective instruments with passion and finesse but also have the ability to come together and complement one another. This is demonstrated on each track on ‘Between the Lines’.

Arcadian Shadows say they aim to, “Play to our fans and leave everything we have on the stage and infuse that punk rock energy in the hearts and souls of our fans.” We believe this spirit can be felt upon listening to ‘Between the lines’ EP. There are energy and passion which run through and link each song together, creating a body of work which transcends just music.

Released on 6th June 2019, ‘Between the Lines’ is a 4 track EP which will have you reaching for the repeat button. Much more than radio edits, 3 out of the 4 tracks are over 5 minutes in length and will quickly be added to your go-to music. So make sure you check out this exciting band today!

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