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The magnificent band, Astroblue Express are back with their latest single, ‘Kingdom Of Moments’. It is a unique dreamy pop song with beautiful melodies and a catchy groove.

The single opens to click percussion and features luscious warm and dreamy vocals which set the track alight. There are layers of synths that create texture and add character to the piece. The drums are panned brilliantly across the mix and the song takes unexpected twists and turns throughout, this keeps the listener on their toes.

We adored the chorus which is catchy and has an addictive quality to it. The lyrics are swimming in reverb, this cements the vocals to the song and it all comes together as a cohesive piece of music. We found ‘Kingdom of Moments’ to be beautifully paced and the arrangement is simply a superbly innovative piece of composition.

Astroblue Express says, “‘Kingdom of Moments’ was born from certain exhaustion that came about from trying to keep up with a fast-paced society and finding happiness in a very material-oriented life. It sprung from a feeling that ultimately, true joy and real wealth exist in the particular details and sensations of certain life moments. In the end that is our true kingdom, and it does not require money, only our presence and appreciation of that which surrounds us.” What a brilliant message to be putting out into the world! We hope this will resonate with a lot of people.

Astroblue Express describes their music as, “Unique, experimental sound that draws from all musical styles, but can best be described as dream pop/alt-pop/space pop.” We could not have described them better ourselves. There is a swirling and dreamy quality to the track which adds to Astroblue Express’s charm. They are artists who are reinventing pop for 2019. Their unique style is exactly what pop music needs at the moment.

‘Kingdom Of Moments’ is taken from the band’s much anticipated EP dropping this Autumn. So check out this refreshing band this weekend. You are in for a treat!

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