Atomic Bronco – ‘Raging Bulls And Tequila Sodas’

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Atomic Bronco – ‘Raging Bulls And Tequila Sodas’

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London based artist Atomic Bronco has released his superb latest single ‘Raging Bulls And Tequila Sodas’ in May 2020. It is a Garage Rock single that is destined to win the hearts of its listeners.

An electric guitar opens the release, swiftly followed by Atomic Bronco’s charismatic vocals. The full band sound kicks in and the single is in full flow. We love the textured instrumentation and colourful melodies which fill the sonic landscape. The chorus is driving and thoroughly addictive. We love the guitar solo too, it is skilful and adds a new dimension to the piece. 

‘Raging Bulls And Tequila Sodas’ is the lead single from Atomic Bronco’s highly anticipated album ‘Nightflowers’. The album was written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered solely by Atomic Bronco in his London studio. Based on the strength of ‘Raging Bulls And Tequila Sodas’, we can not wait to hear the full album. 

Atomic Bronco – ‘Raging Bulls And Tequila Sodas’

Atomic Bronco cites his influences as ranging from classic and alternative rock to house and dance music. He says ‘Nightflowers’ is the culmination of his music-making journey. Atomic Bronco has spent his musical career performing in cover bands, DJing at night clubs, and dropping into Open Mic nights.

Originally from rural Kansas, Atomic Bronco is a former electrical engineer. His past projects include NBA arenas and the Super Bowl. He is now based in London after completing his master’s degree from the University of Oxford. When he isn’t making music, he works his day job as a concert venue developer for the Madison Square Garden Company.

So Make sure you add ‘Raging Bulls And Tequila Sodas’ to your playlist this week. Atomic Bronco is a superb talent, and we can not wait to hear what he will do next. 

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