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Caleb Blair – ‘Hate It When You Leave’

Nashville based artist Caleb Blair has released his latest single ‘Hate It When You Leave’. It is electro-pop at its finest, and we are so pleased to have discovered such a fantastic artist.

‘Hate It When You Leave’ has a mysterious opening that captivates the listener from the get-go. The vocal and beat drop at the same time, demanding the listeners’ attention. The kick drum feels like the heartbeat of the track. It is the lifeline of the song, and the listener feels safe in its presence.

The chorus is our favourite element of the single. The instrumentation hits its full flow during the chorus, and it is immersive and compelling in nature. The instrumentation offers a new twist and takes us down an unexpected sonic path.

We absolutely adore Blair’s voice. His range is impressive and on full display during ‘Hate It When You Leave’. The tone and texture he has in his performance are breathtaking. We feel Blair’s voice is the kind of vocal we could listen to all day and never tire of!

Blair says, “Writing ‘Hate It When You Leave’ was an outlet for my frustration with myself when I realised I was constantly pushing people away that were trying to love me well. The lyrics in the bridge are the words I’m trying to turn into action still to this day.”

Previously a session player, Blair is clearly an excellent musician. ‘Hate It When You Leave’ has a main hook that is addictive and is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. Blair has found new fans in us, and we can not wait to see what will come next from this exciting and talented artist.

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