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Bournemouth based artist Carley Varley has released her brilliant latest single, ‘Honest Conflict’. It is a pop classic, filled with catchy melodies and infectious beats. 

‘Honest Conflict’ opens to dreamy vocals being underpinned by an organ and bell synths. The guitar enters with an energetic kick drum that will soon become to feel like the heartbeat of the song. 

The vocals are the main star of the piece. They are warm, honest and inviting with excellent lyrics to back them up. Lyrics such as, “Being honest leads to conflict,” are relatable and we are sure they will resonate with a lot of people. 

The chorus is thoroughly melodic and catchy with layers of instrumentation including, vocals, synths, guitar, and percussion. We adored the harmonies too, they add further colour to the piece. There is an ebb and flow with the arrangement, some parts have few instruments and these are juxtaposed to big, hard-hitting sections. It is composition at its finest. The production is very clean with every instrument having its own space in the mix. The panning is just right and the song never feels crowded. 

Varley has grown from humble and honest beginnings. She began busking on the streets of Lymington until she was asked to perform inside the venues. She is now a household name in the south of England, playing at venues and festivals. We are sure with a single as strong as ‘Honest Conflict’, her popularity is sure to grow exponentially.  

‘Honest Conflict’ is the follow-up single to Varley’s debut, ‘Won’t Say Sorry’. It is a cracking pop tune and it is one that is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button.

So, if you are looking for a song to brighten up your playlist this Autumn, make sure you check out ‘Honest Conflict’. You will not be disappointed!

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