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Carnival Kid – ‘We Were The Shadows’

The fantastic artist Carnival Kid is back! ‘We Were The Shadows’ has been released today (7th February 2020), and it is a spellbinding anthem of a song!

The upbeat nature of the single can be felt from the get-go. There are Jangly guitars and a driving beat to be heard before the striking vocals enter. Filled with emotion and passion, they effortlessly guide the song along. We loved the enigmatic guitars that underpin the vocals; they add a distinctive texture to the piece. The snare is punchy and sits wonderfully in the mix too. 

The chorus gives ‘We Were The Shadows’ its anthem feel. It is melodic, catchy and destined to have you singing along in no time! It is staccato in parts which grabs the listeners attention and holds it magically. 

Carnival Kid says, “‘We Were The Shadows’ is a burning love letter to my childhood in an East German small town – where we felt like the heroes from all the songs and films that made us dream of brighter places than the one we grew up in. And while we were running from responsibility and discipline, we knew that the moment would come when we had to realise that our heroic dreams would end someday. The song is a reminder that even in the darkest of places there’s room for fantastic adventures and that under these circumstances, even stronger bonds between friends can be created.”

Also issued in 2020, ‘We Used To Shout At You’ is another incredible single which has been released by Carnival Kid. Both songs were originally written in 2009 and have been rerecorded in their latest forms. Make sure you check out this incredible artist today, you will be glad you did! 

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