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Carrie Cleveland
Carrie Cleveland

Carrie Cleveland

‘Make Love To Me’ is an amazing  song with an incredible story. It is a track taken from an album, that was originally released in 1978 by recording artist Carrie Cleveland. Recorded in a garage studio situated in East Oakland, only a small run of vinyl were made and the songs were almost lost in time.

‘Make Love To Me’ is a soulful song with gorgeous melodies. The production hears the drums and guitars panned to either side of the mix with the vocals shining bright in the middle. Carrie’s voice is quite simply stunning. Recorded in a time before autotune, this recording has a genuine honesty to it. ‘Make Love To Me’ has a timeless 1970’s sound which is still filled with all the love, character, and warmth injected into it all those years ago.

Looking Up

‘Looking Up’ is the album from which ‘Make Love To Me’ originally came from. The songs on the album were taken from a selection of intimate and private love letters between Carrie Cleveland and her husband, Bill. All of the songs feature Carrie’s sumptuous vocals over Bill’s carefully and lovingly constructed arrangements.

Originally, just 1000 copies were made and now sell for over £250 but honestly, if you had an original copy, could you sell such a beautiful piece of history? In September this year, a rerelease of this magical album was issued. Carrie’s son Heston, is heading the publicity for the release after discovering just how popular his Mum and Dad’s music still is. The album is still resonating, still offering comfort and solace to a new age of listener.

This shows that good music is timeless. It does not age and does not wither as the year’s pass. Discovering, ‘Make Love To Me’ has given us more joy today than any song in the Top 40.

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