CVC – ‘The Mortgage Anthem’

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CVC – ‘The Mortgage Anthem’

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Cardiff based band CVC have released their excellent second single, ‘The Mortgage Anthem.’ It is a superb indie release with a big heart and intoxicating grooves. 

A gorgeous guitar and bass riff greets the listener. Drums and swirling backing vocals swiftly follow this. The main vocals kick in, and the single is in full flow. We adored the guitar solo which is skilful and memorable. Filled with character and charm ‘The Mortgage Anthem’ is a song which stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

CVC – ‘The Mortgage Anthem’

CVC says, “The song is called ‘The Mortgage Anthem’, and it’s all about not being able to keep up with bills and the solidarity that comes with that. ‘The Mortgage Anthem’ Music Video follows the notorious thief ‘Robin Joolz’ as he meanders his way through his day in court, will he be found guilty or not guilty?”

We very much enjoyed the video which accompanies the release. It is designed to bring a smile to the faces of the audience, and it certainly does that! In these troubled and uncertain times, ‘The Mortgage Anthem’ is just the tonic we need. 

The band have been growing organically since their first single ‘Jungle Fever’ which was highly anticipated in the south-west and now has over 30k plays on Spotify. They have growing fan bases in London, Bristol & Liverpool thanks to their electric live performances which they are sadly being deprived of at the moment. 

So until we are able to see CVC live again, make sure you check out ‘The Mortgage Anthem’ from the link below. They are an exciting band with a bright future. 

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