dilatedpupilsxxzxlove – ‘dim the lights’ (feat. Jimi Ono)

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'dim the lights' (feat. Jimi Ono)
‘dim the lights’ (feat. Jimi Ono)

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‘dim the lights’ (feat. Jimi Ono)

‘dim the lights’ is the latest single from dilatedpupilsxxzxlove, it features the spellbinding vocals by Jimi Ono, and together, the duo are making waves with this uniquely brilliant track.

The rich bass instantly hits the listener with an immediate effect. Stunning vocals appear effected and ear-catching. We love the backing instrumentation, dancing synths ascend in volume to meet the level of the passionate vocals. The chorus is dark, catchy and melodic. It flows smoothly, and a Trapp feel can be felt in the percussion.

Layered and energised vocals arise too with impactful lyrics such as, “Dead inside” repeated followed by the haunting instruction, “Don’t resuscitate.” The track was mastered by Joe LaPorta who works as mastering engineer at Sterling Sound; together these artists have created a piece of art that is timeless and contagious.


dilatedpupilsxxzxlove says, “I always tried to move forward with no limits to how far I could go or how fast I could get there. Caught in the chaotic, downward spiral of anxiety, I got to the point where I couldn’t go any faster, and I couldn’t slow down. On this background, I began to make music.” He continues, “My music is addressed to everyone that feels alienated and antisocial, vulnerable but rebellious, mad but silent, craving love and affection till it turns out to be pain and depression.”

Filled with emotional vocals and an infectious beat, ‘dim the lights’ is a magical song. It reaches out and touches the heart of its listener, and this is a big part of its character and charm. Make sure to add ‘dim the lights’ to your weekend playlist, and fill your musical soul today!

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