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Elektric Animals – ‘Guillotine’

Hailing from Denver, CO, Elektric Animals are an alternative rock band. Their latest single ‘Guillotine’, is an explosive track that is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. 

A swirling opening soon evolves into a full band sound. The synth riff is catchy and memorable. The bass and drums provide a solid workhorse foundation for the single, and the heavy guitars drive the single along. We loved the percussion with the addition of a tambourine, adding its unique colour to the track.

The vocals are filled with character and charm; lyrically ‘Guillotine’ is relatable and will resonate with the listener. The guitar solo is melodic and intoxicating. We loved the bridge; it takes the listener on unexpected twists and turns. Blissful. 

We also adored the mix, master and production of the single; everything has its own space in the mix. The drums have a big and impactful sound. The fills go from one side of the audio spectrum to the other, while the bass is melodic, creating further enhancing texture. 

The band are comprised of members; Nick Sanders – Vocals, Oscar Jara – Guitar, Jerrid Van Scoy – Bass, and Kyle Christy – Drums. Previous releases include ‘Obsessive’, ‘Cool Calm Collected’, and ‘Vulnerable Thing’. Based on the strength of ‘Guillotine’, we can not wait to check them out too! 

We are sure ‘Guillotine’ will please existing Elektric Animals fans and win the band an army of new ones too. Make sure you add ‘Guillotine’ to your weekday listen, it is an anthem for the people, and you will not be disappointed! 

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