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‘Chanson Balladée’ is the stunning latest release by Ensemble Voyagers. The Italy based band have created a piece of art that is mesmerising and stunning.

Originally released in 2018, the song opens to a solo tambourine. This is followed by a beautiful melody being performed on a panpipe. Percussion slowly enters the piece with wind instruments coming in too. 

Separate melodic parts are happening at the same time. Each dance around one another, playing their own melodies but never intruding upon each others terratory. They continuously complement one another and create a beautiful texture. The djembe comes in to add the backbone beat to the piece and solo instruments take it in turn to enter into the spotlight. The overall feel is majestic and joyous with a playful and upbeat vibe. The track has been mixed well with all of the different instrumentation finding its own space in the mix. Beautiful.

When asked, Ensemble Voyagers said of ‘Chanson Balladée’, “(They) pleasantly guide you through this classic & beloved tune, almost as if the pied-piper is leading you along for a stroll through the village on a beautiful sunny day without a single care in the world.” Their cheery and carefree approach to the song is infectious and passed onto the listener instantaneously.

Ensemble Voyagers describe themselves as, “An open ensemble created by Daniele Montagner which explores the musical roots of Western Civilizations and infuses their sound with contemporary tonality.” They are creating music which is designed to open your mind. We adore their unique and characterful play on styles here. ‘Chanson Balladée’ is a joyous single whose primary function is to make music accessible to all. They certainly have achieved this, and we are now fans for life. 

So if you are looking for something a bit different this weekend, make sure you check out, Ensemble Voyagers. They are destined to leave a smile on your face! 

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