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Evan Alexander Moore – ‘Perennial, Pt.2’

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Texan born songwriter Evan Alexander Moore has released his superb latest single ‘Perennial, Pt.2’. It is a wonderful Americana single that effortlessly wins the hearts of its listeners.

‘Perennial, Pt.2’ swims into the sonic spectrum. The infectious guitars, bass and drums create a solid foundation for Evan’s addictive vocals to kick in. Lyrically, ‘Perennial, Pt.2’ is blissfully poetic. The arrangement and change in the texture of the instrumentation create interest and intrigue within the piece. We loved the chorus too, which is catchy and memorable. 

Evan says, “This song is all about trying to feel OK when the whole world is falling apart. All about politics, the Millennial mindset, and simply trying to get by.” We can all relate to these feeling at the moment, and this is what will endear Evan to his audience. In addition to music pursuits, Evan is also studying to be a mental health counsellor. His honest mindset of trying to help people shines through.

Evan’s first release, The Alexander EP was a D.I.Y. album filled with blemishes, voice cracks, and crumbling textures. On the E.P, he touched on heartbreak both emotional and political. He says, “The tracks from the upcoming album, ‘The Perennial Millennial’, are more expanded, pristine, yet otherworldly.”

This Indie Folk artist is destined to make waves with ‘Perennial, Pt.2’. Evan has played many a venue around New York City including, The Bitter End, Sidewalk Cafe, Pete’s Candy Store, the Topaz, The Way Station, The Well, Silvana, Rockwood Music Hal, and the Bowery Electric. He has also played many a show in Texas, both in Houston and Denton. We very much look forward to the full album release. 

Make sure you add ‘Perennial, Pt.2’ to your playlist this week, you will not be disappointed! 

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