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Evoletah – ‘Run With The Hunted’

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‘Run With The Hunted’ is the magnificent latest album release from the talented, Adelaide based, Ben Johns, Michael Shanahan & the singer/songwriter and producer, Matt Cahill AKA Evoletah.

The title track opens the album, and the dynamic feel is apparent from the get-go. Drums with a jazz vibe fill the sonic spectrum while a stoic piano, intriguing bass and compelling horns all lay solid foundations for the emotion-filled vocals to shine. We found the relatable lyrics mixed with the melodic vocals to be hauntingly beautiful. 

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We also enjoyed ‘Beguiled’, we think it’s our favourite track if we were forced to pick! Its addictive beat draws the listener in from the get-go. The dynamic piano and stirring strings have a scrumptious mix of jazz and soul and make for compelling listening. The subtle percussion also adds colour to the piece.

‘Boxing shadows’ has an acoustic guitar coming from both sides of the sonic spectrum. Affecting vocals and busy bass add their unique colour to the piece too. ‘Hell or High Water’ is filled with attitude and character. The staccato strings and driving rhythmic section leave the listener wanting more. 


Cahill says, “We’re at a point now where we can finally make the kind of records we’d would like to listen to,” He continues, “When you’re no longer on anyone’s buzz list or trying to be the next big whatever, you’re free to pull out all the stops. More than that, you’ve found your voice and learnt how to use it.” 

Cahill first came to prominence in the early 1990s as lead singer with award-winning indie rock outfit, The Violets. Following the band’s dissolution, and a brief sabbatical, he returned in 2005 with the studio-based creation Evoletah. Since then he has released five albums under the Evoletah. We can not wait to check out his back catalogue and will be adding it to our weekday listening this week!

So make sure you check out ‘Run With The Hunted’ today, it is a timeless album that needs to heard to be fully appreciated!

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