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‘Foreign Television’ is the self-titled album by Welsh-born artist, Foreign Television (AKA Francis Allen). Currently based in Moscow, Allen’s infectious melodies and beats are quite simply delicious. 

‘Is This A Joke?’ opens the album to the sound of melodic, duelling guitars. Fascinating and intricate, they set the tone of the record from the get-go. A gorgeous groove establishes itself, and the chorus is warm and inviting. 

We adored the song, ‘Heaven’ for its rich founding bass and drums. Beautiful synths underpin the vocals, and we found it to be a soothing track. ‘All The Time’ has textured, and battling guitars, the duo between the vocals and synths creates character and intrigue to the piece. ‘A Fine Blaze’ emerges from humble beginnings and is the perfect precursor to ‘Steady’ and its rockier attitude. 

Our favourite song from the album is ‘Computer Games.’ The acoustic guitar swims into the audio landscape, and Allen creates another excellent trademark groove. Layered vocals are ear-catching and lift the track, creating an impactful and superb song. 

Foreign Television cites his influences as artists such as Teenage Fanclub, Red House Painters, Radiohead, Mew, American Football, and The Smashing Pumpkins. Allen’s music has nods to these artists but make no mistake, ‘Foreign Television’ has a sound all of Allen’s own.

We were lucky enough to write a blog about the preceding single to the album, ‘Island’ (link here). We are so pleased that the ‘Foreign Television’ album has all of the qualities that we adored from the single but with added extras too. Make sure you check out this full album today, we believe it is a classic in the making.

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