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Fred Argir – ‘No Pushover’

‘No Pushover’ is the latest album by New York-based musician, Fred Argir. It is an album that is filled with attitude and grit from the opening bars until the very end. 

Hard-hitting Rock opens ‘No Pushover’ with the song, ‘Beggar’s Anthem’. The main musical players’ who feature on the album can be heard in this opening number. Driving drums, bass, and guitars lay down a solid foundation for the vocals to grow from. We adored the catchy chorus and relateable lyrics – these are factors that will reappear throughout the release. 

Our favourite song on the release is, ‘Watching The Days Slip’. The descending guitar chords and beautiful riffs sit wonderfully alongside the melodic and intriguing vocals. We also enjoyed, ‘Not Much To Do’, ‘Time Machine Without A Key’ and the closing song, ‘Every Day’s A Friday Night’. In all honesty, all of the songs are strong contenders for us to pick our favourites but we must try to narrow it down! 

We fell in love with the guitars on the album. They are layered and beautifully weave their way in and out of the songs, attention-grabbing and subtle whichever is needed at each given moment. They underpin the vocals in places that give a counteracting melody to be enjoyed. Dancing around the vocals they never intrude upon the lyrical melodies but always enhance them. Blissful.


Argir’s vocals are the shining star of the piece. Filled with rich emotion and warmth, they also have incredible texture to them. Argir is able to carry emotion through the lyrics and this is directly inputted into the listener’s ears. He carries the listener on a journey with him and guides us to discover the heart and soul of the songs. 

Originally from Minneapolis, Argir is a musician who makes music with a message. The band he has chosen to make this stunning record with are all excellent musicians in their own rights. So make sure you check out this exciting released today, you will not be disappointed.

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