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London based artist, FRNDS AS CMPNY released his stunning debut single, ‘WHITE FLAG’ in February 2020. It is a thoroughly addictive song, filled with layered synths and ear-catching melodies. 

Synths and emotional vocals open the single. FRNDS AS CMPNY’s vocals are warm and inviting. They instantly grace the track with charm and integrity. We adored the pounding synths that feel like the heartbeat of the song, keeping pace and energy. The phat snare gives width to the piece while the driving chorus melody provides a thoroughly addictive groove. 

FRNDS AS CMPNY says of the release, “It’s a song that demands to be felt. ‘White Flag’ is a surrender. It’s about tension and release; forgiveness and not forgiving,” he explains. “It was my chance to look at the breakdown of a relationship when you have fought for something for so long, and you have twisted your heart and mind so much to find resolve in what you love. Even in these moments, there is an unseen strength: it is hard to sacrifice. The line between love and hate we have for each other is a fine one, but your truth is always the last thing standing.” 

FRNDS AS CMPNY is a talented individual whose skills are on full flow during this release. He is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-taught producer. ‘WHITE FLAG’ is a song that we feel will resonate with a lot of people. Its accessible nature is thoroughly engaging from the get-go. 

We can not wait to see what FRNDS AS CMPNY will do next! ‘WHITE FLAG’ is a superb debut single, and we think FRNDS AS CMPNY is destined for big things in the future. Check out ‘WHITE FLAG’ today!

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